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19" Rack Panel Outlines

19" Rack Panel Outlines

The following outlines are for 19" rack panels.

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The dimensions used are based on our extensive experience of manufacturing panels and enclosures for the broadcast and electronics industry. Dimensions may sometimes vary from those provided by individual product manufacturers. If in doubt, please check.

Cut-out Number Description Link Cut-out
0156A 1RU Extruded blank Download
0157A 2RU Extruded blank Download
0158A 3RU Extruded blank Download
0159A 1RU Flat blank Download
0160A 2RU Flat blank Download
0161A 3RU Flat blank Download
0162A 4RU Flat blank Download
0163A 5RU Flat blank Download
0164A 6RU Flat blank Download
0165A 8RU Flat blank Download
0166A 10RU Flat blank Download