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Blank Project

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Blank Project

The Project

Francisca Prieto is a talented designer who first arrived at our offices with a mock up and a highly original design idea.

She had been in contact with several manufacturing companies, but all had been unable or unwilling, to consider taking on her project.

The piece was to be made out of stainless steel and then illuminated from within incorporating characters made using a 3D font that Francisca had designed.

The Approach

Francisca had the front panel designed and accurately drawn up, so we set about making the piece by first importing this information into our CAD system.

The overall case and letters were all laser cut. The pattern on the front was then chemically etched. Considerable care was needed with the alignment of the artwork for the chemical etch as we were working with more than one software package and file type. The piece was sprayed red from the inside and we then set about the challenging task of folding up the letters.

Having completed the case, there was still the question of illumination, as each number had to be individually illuminated. To enable this to work we constructed a honey comb structure inside which would ensure the light illuminating one letter would not spill out to another.

The challenge was then taken up by one of our customers, Artistic Licence, who are world leaders in the provision of LED based lighting systems. They were able using their expertise to build in electronics to provide the even illumination Francisca was looking for.

The end result was the "Timeless Calendar", which has since been featured in numerous design journals.

An Ongoing Partnership

Learning from the "Timeless Calendar" we were able to help Francisca with her next exciting design, the Anticlockwise clock.

Using the now familiar Antitype characters, this piece brought with it a new challenge in that it had to house fully functioning mechanics so that the clock would accurately tell the time. This piece incorporates an ingenious design where, as the face of the clock moves in an anti clockwise direction, the time is read by referring to etched markers at the 12 o’clock position.


The design went on to win Best in Show Award at the Metropolitan Works Show 07 and has appeared in several design publications in places as far afield as Russia.

Since then, Francsica has designed several other pieces, including these Asterisk Bookends.

Francisca has now established herself as a designer of some note and as a company we have been pleased and proud to have been involved with the realisation of some of her designs.

Francisca Prieto :

"With Holt nothing is impossible. They work to the very highest standards with acute attention to detail and I love the fact that I get to meet everybody that works on my project. They are open and friendly and their deep involvement in my projects assures me that my concept will always end in a perfectly finished piece."

Full details of Francsica's work can be found on her website at